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Las Mejores Canciones de Banda sonora

12 abril 2021
News Flash cover
1. News Flash
Warner/Chappell Productions
Mirthful Steps cover
2. Mirthful Steps
John Debney, Ron Allen, Chris Bleth, Nick Ingman & His Orchestra, Mel Gibson, Ahmed El-Eshmer, Shankar, Gingger, Shannon Kingsbury, Aaron Martin, Tanya Tsarouska, Nick Ingman, Terry Edwards, The Transylvania State Philharmonic Choir, London Voices, Orches
Happy cover
3. Happy
Pharrell Williams
Vespa Chase cover
4. Vespa Chase
Theodore Shapiro
World Heritage (Full) cover
5. World Heritage (Full)
Fabrizio Pigliucci
Wood and Steel cover
6. Wood and Steel
Kristian Sonderlund
Piano Anthem cover
7. Piano Anthem
Mark Scholz
Microbots cover
8. Microbots
Henry Jackman
Walking Bus cover
9. Walking Bus
Thomas Newman
Portals cover
10. Portals
Alan Silvestri
The Wild Ride cover
11. The Wild Ride
Mark Isham
The News cover
12. The News
Brian Bennett
Skippety Skip, Pt. 2 cover
13. Skippety Skip, Pt. 2
Thierry Caroubi
Morning News cover
14. Morning News
David Lowe
World Politics (Full) cover
15. World Politics (Full)
Fabrizio Pigliucci
Corporate World (Full) cover
16. Corporate World (Full)
Fabrizio Pigliucci
Deadly Serious cover
17. Deadly Serious
Paul Taylor
The Lonesome Road (The Don Shirley Trio) cover
18. The Lonesome Road (The Don Shirley Trio)
Kris Bowers
South American Getaway cover
19. South American Getaway
Burt Bacharach
Welcome To Suburbicon cover
20. Welcome To Suburbicon
Alexandre Desplat
Yarner Wood cover
21. Yarner Wood
Reliable Source Music
Main Title cover
22. Main Title
Alan Silvestri
Light Fantastic cover
23. Light Fantastic
Adam Burns, Jez Burns & Christopher Salt
Main Title cover
24. Main Title
David Newman
Sol de Invierno cover
25. Sol de Invierno
The Crown Main Title cover
26. The Crown Main Title
Hans Zimmer
Theme from Mansfield Park cover
27. Theme from Mansfield Park
James Shearman & Orchestra
Make Up Your Mind cover
28. Make Up Your Mind
Randy Newman
Can't Slow Down cover
29. Can't Slow Down
Jean-Yves Thibaudet
End Title cover
30. End Title
Alan Silvestri
Cela ? cover
31. Cela ?
Graham Reynolds
Legend of the Tomb cover
32. Legend of the Tomb
Warner/Chappell Productions
It's The Hard-Knock Life cover
33. It's The Hard-Knock Life
Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne & Stephanie Kurtzuba
World News cover
34. World News
Philip Michael
Marvellous Party cover
35. Marvellous Party
Beverley Knight
L'odyssée cover
36. L'odyssée
Orchestre Paris Studio Orchestra
Return To Your Ladyfriend cover
37. Return To Your Ladyfriend
Rob Simonsen & Faux Fix
Road Trip cover
38. Road Trip
Curtis Schwartz
Debate the Issues cover
39. Debate the Issues
Oliver Vessey
A Hard Day's Night (From ”A Hard Day's Night”) cover
40. A Hard Day's Night (From ”A Hard Day's Night”)
Female & Fellow

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