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Las Mejores Canciones de Electrónica

12 abril 2021
Beautiful Cells cover
1. Beautiful Cells
Sebastien Gulluni
Upset cover
2. Upset
Buen Rollo cover
3. Buen Rollo
Academia de Música Chillout
Son of My Father cover
4. Son of My Father
Chicory Tip
Die Roboter (2009 Remaster) cover
5. Die Roboter (2009 Remaster)
Busy Earnin' cover
6. Busy Earnin'
Run cover
7. Run
Lucas Vidal
Time Clock Rock cover
8. Time Clock Rock
Tom Bruessel
Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (Vuvuzela Remix) cover
9. Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag (Vuvuzela Remix)
Bittersweet Faith cover
10. Bittersweet Faith
Cuban Cool Cats cover
11. Cuban Cool Cats
Morty Vicar
Hallelujah Blue cover
12. Hallelujah Blue
Aaron Gilbert
Looking Forward cover
13. Looking Forward
Steven Solveig
Katchi cover
14. Katchi
Happiness Does Not Wait cover
15. Happiness Does Not Wait
Ólafur Arnalds
Lunar Sunrise (Real Oboe Film Mix) cover
16. Lunar Sunrise (Real Oboe Film Mix)
Terra Ferma
Tuur mang Welten cover
17. Tuur mang Welten
Niklas Paschburg
Istanbul 1:26 AM cover
18. Istanbul 1:26 AM
Orient Expressions
Shake It Like You Shivering cover
19. Shake It Like You Shivering
Miles Dylan
Earthflow cover
20. Earthflow
Ruth Barrett
Weather or Not cover
21. Weather or Not
Joel Goodman
Inner City Goat cover
22. Inner City Goat
It's Oh So Quiet cover
23. It's Oh So Quiet
Mamma Mia cover
24. Mamma Mia
Claudinho Brasil, Harmonika & Michele Adamson
Seventh Heaven cover
25. Seventh Heaven
We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) [Mr. Collipark Remix] cover
26. We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) [Mr. Collipark Remix]
Charlie Puth
Guachipelín cover
27. Guachipelín
The Island (Tiesto Remix) cover
28. The Island (Tiesto Remix)
Last Man Standing cover
29. Last Man Standing
Paul Fletcher
Katchi (Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse) [Extended Mix] cover
30. Katchi (Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse) [Extended Mix]
Oh What a Whirl cover
31. Oh What a Whirl
Jules Gaia
Saake Faded cover
32. Saake Faded
Iselin Solheim
Lady (Hear Me Tonight) cover
33. Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Dramas y Comedías cover
34. Dramas y Comedías
Acid Vegas cover
35. Acid Vegas
Hollywood Chill Out
Speck of Gold cover
36. Speck of Gold
Toca's Miracle (Inpetto Edit) cover
37. Toca's Miracle (Inpetto Edit)
Miracle cover
38. Miracle
Caravan Palace
Booty Swing cover
39. Booty Swing
Parov Stelar
A Million Days cover
40. A Million Days
Paul Kalkbrenner

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