Best classical study music, focus, thinking, meditation, relaxing music

Best classical study music, focus, thinking, meditation, relaxing music


Relaxing and calm piano music you can use for studying, focusing or improving your concentration. Creative work, reading, coding and so on. <p><b>Please, read this.</b></p> <p>Hello. If the podcast was helpful for you, I ask you to give some money to a charity. I truly believe we can make a better world with less cynicism and egoism. You can handle several days without coffee. However, that money <strong>REALLY</strong> can help. Even a few dollars.</p> <p>Where to send and how much is only on you. Children, nature, homeless people. All problems are more real and nearer than you think.</p> <p>Just be a good person. Be a real hero.<i>Peace. </i></p> *Uncommercial podcast* <p>Love you all. You are awesome.</p>

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As you know, right now begins the crisis, COVID, people have less money and don't understand what will be next. (2020 is a `great` year). And the most unsafe layers of people have the worst problems. Obviously, I am talking about homeless people, children, nature, and Charities in general. In 'dark times' not everyone thinks about them. It means they must struggle even more than usual. It will not be better soon.I am just trying to say, that we can change something for them. Of course, I understand, that not everybody can help others. If it is you, don't feel bad. Sorry for this messy text. I don't know how to say it better.Peace.

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