Forensic Files

Forensic Files


Forensic Files is a pioneer in the field of fact-based, high-tech, dramatic storytelling. This series of television programs delves into the world of forensic science, profiling intriguing crimes, accidents, and outbreaks of disease from around the world.

Categorias: Cultura y sociedad

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A security guard disappeared from his post without a trace; his remains were found a year later in a remote camp site. More than a decade would pass before a phone call breathed life into the cold case, and a paint smear on the bottom of the victim's boot helped scientists determine what happened during the last hour of his life.

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    Thu, 13 Aug 2020
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    Mon, 10 Aug 2020
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    Thu, 06 Aug 2020
  • 260 - Bio-Attack 
    Mon, 03 Aug 2020
  • 259 - Freeze Framed 
    Thu, 30 Jul 2020
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