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*New study claims the Sun may have had a binary partner A new study suggests the Sun may once have been part of a binary star system with a companion of similar mass. *A new more puzzling view of the universe New data from the Slone Digital Sky Survey suggests the current rate of expansion of the universe – known as the Hubble Constant -- is about 10 percent lower than the expansion rate measured from distances to very nearby galaxies. *Astra Rocket Launch failure Space is hard as Astra aerospace now knows following the failure of its latest launch attempt from the Alaskan Pacific Space Port Complex on Kodiak Island. *The Science Report New study confirms wildlife populations have plunged by 68% between 1970 and 2016. Claims turmeric extract may help to combat pain in people with osteoarthritis in their knees. The locus of male sexual desire has been uncovered in specific regions of the brain. Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a 2600 year old royal building in Jerusalem. Sponsor Details: This episode of SpaceTime is brought to with the support of ExpressVPN - Rated No.1 by TechRadar. It's the one we use…to get three months free with any 12 month package, visit and help support the show. Your online presence begins with a great domain name. Find your perfect one with NameCheap's powerful tools. Visit for more details and help support the show.   Keep forgetting passwords? Then you need LastPass password manager….it’s one we use and is a lifesaver. Check it out for free at and help support the show.   For more SpaceTime visit (mobile friendly).  For enhanced Show Notes including photos to accompany this episode, visit: Get immediate access to over 200 commercial-free, double and triple episode editions of SpaceTime plus extended interview bonus content. Subscribe via Patreon or Supercast....and share in the rewards. Details at or Supercast - RSS feed:  Email: To receive the Astronomy Daily Newsletter free, direct to your inbox...just join our mailing list at or visit  

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