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Oli Davis, Luke Owen, "El Fakidor" Laurie Blake, "Chopper" Pete Quinnell and Randy Andy Datson of WrestleTalk review the latest from Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW and more every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! There's even bonus episodes when PPVs happen!

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Well, this Retribution gimmick isn't very cool, is it? Have WWE dropped the ball already, and can it be saved? Luke and Oli dive into all the action from the Raw brand, including an awesome match between Asuka and Bayley. Theme music by Jade Starr Buy our new WrestleTalk merchandise here WrestleTalk In The Office Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2sprWyZxCcqhtbzUuKfd0U?si=txG3hFYjSNOlGYpcDipx2g WrestleTalk Discover Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/00I22mwo6wwMKdBh6Y8Gtf?si=geesBbqiSuaNkW6SVdn3eQ Subscribe to partsFUNknown here Watch the video version of the WrestleTalk Podcast here Join the WrestleLeague and become a Pledge Hammer on Patreon here Follow Luke Owen @ThisIsLukeOwen Follow Oli Davis @OliDavis Follow Laurie Blake @ElFakidor Follow Pete Quinnell @PeteQuinnell Follow Andy Datson @AndyDatsonWT Follow Adam Blampied @AdamTheBlampied 00:35 - Intro 05:05 - Have WWE BOTCHED Retribution Already? Can It be SAVED? 19:12 - $25+ Patreon Pledgehammer Shoutouts 20:28 - Superchat Party! 25:50 - WWE Raw Aug 10, 2020 Review 1:00:13 - Superchat Party! 1:12:38 - Outro  

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