Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

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Presenting the best detectives from the Golden Age of Radio. Each week, we'll bring you an episode starring one of Old Time Radio's greatest detectives and the story behind the show. Join us for adventures of Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, and many more.

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There's no case too big for these three radio private eyes. First, Lon Clark is Nick Carter, Master Detective in "The Case of the Priceless Prose" (originally aired on Mutual on December 14, 1947). Then, Dick Powell looks for "The Star of Savoy" as Richard Rogue in Rogue's Gallery (originally aired on NBC on June 23, 1946). Finally, Jeff Chandler is on the job in the Big Easy in "The Case of the Gray-Eyed Blonde," a syndicated mystery from The New Adventures of Michael Shayne.

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    Wed, 20 Apr 2022
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