NLP With Kody G. Ethical sales w/ Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP With Kody G. Ethical sales w/ Neurolinguistic Programming


Kody owns an NLP training school where he trains and certifies people in Neurolinguistic Programming, Life & Success Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and EFT.Formerly running an 8 figure sales team, his main focus was to not just teach sales strategy, but to teach the mindset of what it takes to be a 6 and 7 figure sales person by dissecting what's happening on a sales call underneath the surface.Kody regularly teaches online entrepreneurs the psychology of sales so that they can make a bigger impact in the world by creating the ripple effect, and allowing them to have the time freedom in their business by increasing their revenue and ticket price.Instagram: @Kodyg.nlpFacebook: Kody Gruenkeclubhouse: nlpcoachkodygLinkedIn: Kody Gruenke

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Listen in as I explain the presupposition or underlying beliefs that we have in NLP. To be honest, every single technique, process and procedure that we do in NLP should have these in mind... its easy to read or hear these and say "yeah those make sense" but when you can embody them as a way of living, you become a true 'practitioner'

If you would like to embody these principles, message me on instagram or Facebook to enroll for my upcoming nlp certification program


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