Your Optimal Personal Economy PODCAST

Your Optimal Personal Economy PODCAST

Justin Bennett

Your Optimal Personal Economy (YOPE) is not solely based on your investment rate of return. It's your ability to protect, save, grow, distribute, enjoy and transfer. It's your ability along the journey to seek fulfillment in all domains of life, not just money.

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Many employees currently struggle when it comes to their future financial well-being, so how can we as business owners ensure our employees are achieving their financial goals while maintaining and producing a productive environment in our workplace? 


In this episode, Justin Bennett introduces various ways business owners can assist their employees on their path towards their own future financial well-being, as well as how to overcome obstacles that hinder them from achieving their most optimal outcomes.


Justin discusses:

  • How to create a formula or strategy based on effectiveness of what your organization does and how it will benefit your employees
  • How to solve the challenges of filling the void of finding good quality employees
  • The benefits of developing and designing optimal retirement accounts
  • The importance of filtering out the barriers to effective communication
  • And more



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Exp 7/2023

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