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Las Mejores Canciones de Alternativa

28 noviembre 2022
A New Resolve cover
1. A New Resolve
Philip Jewson
People Help the People (Radio Edit) cover
2. People Help the People (Radio Edit)
A New Found Hope cover
3. A New Found Hope
Tenth Dimension
SNAP cover
Rosa Linn
Retrospect - Single Version cover
5. Retrospect - Single Version
Infinity cover
6. Infinity
Jaymes Young
Decisión (En Directo) cover
7. Decisión (En Directo)
Mr. Banky
Maldito vehículo de ocasión cover
8. Maldito vehículo de ocasión
Buen buenos días cover
9. Buen buenos días
Diego Fortunato
Clocks cover
10. Clocks
Output Output Input Input cover
11. Output Output Input Input
I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You cover
12. I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You
Tom Waits
Duchess cover
13. Duchess
Tigerblood Jewel
God's Gonna Cut You Down cover
14. God's Gonna Cut You Down
John Grant
Hardlytown cover
15. Hardlytown
Hiss Golden Messenger
Bad Day cover
16. Bad Day
Daniel Powter
Reptilia cover
17. Reptilia
The Strokes
Impasse cover
18. Impasse
Silver Maple
Tissues cover
19. Tissues
7 Years cover
20. 7 Years
Lukas Graham
Kevin Garnett cover
21. Kevin Garnett
Ghost Care
I Don't Want a Lover cover
22. I Don't Want a Lover
Alive cover
23. Alive
Pearl Jam
Tissues cover
24. Tissues
New Vistas cover
25. New Vistas
Jimmy Kaleth, Thomas James New & Max John McKellar
Whatever cover
26. Whatever
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon cover
27. Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
Urge Overkill
Atomized cover
28. Atomized
Andrew Bird
Musica leggerissima cover
29. Musica leggerissima
In the Dead of Night cover
30. In the Dead of Night
Julian Emery
Original Sin cover
31. Original Sin
Saw Beat cover
32. Saw Beat
Asr Recors
Eso Que Tu Haces cover
33. Eso Que Tu Haces
Lido Pimienta
Operator Says cover
34. Operator Says
Magnum Opus
Creep cover
35. Creep
All Star cover
36. All Star
Smash Mouth
Serenade cover
37. Serenade
Can't Stop cover
38. Can't Stop
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Safe and Sound cover
39. Safe and Sound
Capital Cities
Tristeza de amor cover
40. Tristeza de amor
Rafa Jiménez

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