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Las Mejores Canciones de Alternativa

03 mayo 2021
Before You Go cover
1. Before You Go
Lewis Capaldi
Northwest Wind cover
2. Northwest Wind
Hans Johnson
People Help the People cover
3. People Help the People
Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus cover
4. Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus
The Strokes
Chup Chup cover
5. Chup Chup
Australian Blonde
Headache cover
6. Headache
The Reytons
Despiértate cover
7. Despiértate
El Mañana
The Wild Boys cover
8. The Wild Boys
Duran Duran
Lo and Behold cover
9. Lo and Behold
Retrospect cover
10. Retrospect
Smooth cover
11. Smooth
Escape the Fate
New Vistas cover
12. New Vistas
Jimmy Kaleth, Thomas James New & Max John McKellar
Pressure Point cover
13. Pressure Point
Jez Pike
Asylum cover
14. Asylum
Jean Leonti
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon cover
15. Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
Urge Overkill
bad guy cover
16. bad guy
Billie Eilish
Dance Monkey cover
17. Dance Monkey
Tones and I
Take On Me cover
18. Take On Me
Reel Big Fish
Stressed Out cover
19. Stressed Out
twenty one pilots
Believer cover
20. Believer
Imagine Dragons
Someone You Loved cover
21. Someone You Loved
Lewis Capaldi
Time Is Running Out cover
22. Time Is Running Out
High Hopes cover
23. High Hopes
Panic! At the Disco
Staring at the Sky cover
24. Staring at the Sky
Katie Thompson
A Sky Full of Stars cover
25. A Sky Full of Stars
Creep cover
26. Creep
Sea of Confusion cover
27. Sea of Confusion
Puñales en la Espalda cover
28. Puñales en la Espalda
Huesos Rojos cover
29. Huesos Rojos
I Always Knew cover
30. I Always Knew
The Vaccines
Lovefool cover
31. Lovefool
The Cardigans
En Mi Bolsillo cover
32. En Mi Bolsillo
Dig Down cover
33. Dig Down
7 Years cover
34. 7 Years
Lukas Graham
I Bet My Life cover
35. I Bet My Life
Imagine Dragons
Sadam Sandler cover
36. Sadam Sandler
Stiven Sfinter
Caminata Nocturna cover
37. Caminata Nocturna
Ayo Technology cover
38. Ayo Technology
Weight of Living, Pt. 1 cover
39. Weight of Living, Pt. 1
Ride cover
40. Ride
twenty one pilots

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