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Las Mejores Canciones de Banda sonora

03 mayo 2021
News Flash cover
1. News Flash
Warner/Chappell Productions
Skippety Skip, Pt. 2 cover
2. Skippety Skip, Pt. 2
Thierry Caroubi
Wood and Steel cover
3. Wood and Steel
Kristian Sonderlund
World Heritage (Full) cover
4. World Heritage (Full)
Fabrizio Pigliucci
Walking Bus cover
5. Walking Bus
Thomas Newman
Vespa Chase cover
6. Vespa Chase
Theodore Shapiro
Road Trip cover
7. Road Trip
Curtis Schwartz
Microbots cover
8. Microbots
Henry Jackman
Bouncing Marbles cover
9. Bouncing Marbles
Robert Lewis, Ramsey Lewis & Elizabeth Withers
Emma Suite cover
10. Emma Suite
Isobel Waller-Bridge
Morning News cover
11. Morning News
David Lowe
Deadly Serious cover
12. Deadly Serious
Paul Taylor
The Clock Maker cover
13. The Clock Maker
Adam Burns, Jez Burns & Christopher Salt
Hooray for Burbank cover
14. Hooray for Burbank
Hollywood Trailer Music Orchestra
Main Title cover
15. Main Title
Thomas Newman
Hassan Learns French Cooking cover
16. Hassan Learns French Cooking
A. R. Rahman
Treehouse Inventions cover
17. Treehouse Inventions
Michael Giacchino
Inside News cover
18. Inside News
Warner/Chappell Productions
The News cover
19. The News
Brian Bennett
Sandcastles cover
20. Sandcastles
Alan Silvestri
Born to Play cover
21. Born to Play
Jon Batiste & Stay Human
The Lonesome Road (The Don Shirley Trio) cover
22. The Lonesome Road (The Don Shirley Trio)
Kris Bowers
O.K. Bull cover
23. O.K. Bull
Georges Delerue
Upgrades cover
24. Upgrades
Henry Jackman
The Insurgency cover
25. The Insurgency
Henry Jackman
Expo 92 cover
26. Expo 92
José Nieto & Leilía
Stealth and Safety cover
27. Stealth and Safety
Hugh Wilkinson
Light Fantastic cover
28. Light Fantastic
Adam Burns, Jez Burns & Christopher Salt
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme cover
29. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme
Brian Tyler
Piano Anthem cover
30. Piano Anthem
Mark Scholz
Political Report cover
31. Political Report
Bill Baylis & David Hewson
Welcome To Suburbicon cover
32. Welcome To Suburbicon
Alexandre Desplat
The Scare Floor cover
33. The Scare Floor
Randy Newman
Flight to Neverland (From "Hook") cover
34. Flight to Neverland (From "Hook")
John Williams
Bombay Theme cover
35. Bombay Theme
A. R. Rahman
Paper Bills cover
36. Paper Bills
Fredrika Stahl
Kalasnjikov cover
37. Kalasnjikov
Goran Bregovic
Main Title cover
38. Main Title
Alan Silvestri
Not Yet the End cover
39. Not Yet the End
Thomas Newman
Te Quiero (Banda Sonora Original de la Película "El Agente Topo") cover
40. Te Quiero (Banda Sonora Original de la Película "El Agente Topo")
Manuel García

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